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   LLC Global Energy obtained licenses for the right to use the interiors of three areas: Yuzhno- Zverinetskiy, Zverinetskiy-1 and Zverinetskiy-2. The license areas are situated in Pechoro- Kolvinskaya oil-and-gas bearing region. While licensing, the areas resources were evaluated as 185.040.000 oil barrels. These areas are situated in the territory of the Komi Republic Usinkiy region, the distance from the eastern board of the area till the central part- the city of Usinsk- is around 35 km. there is a railway to the city of Usinsk, and there is also a nearby oil pipeline (Usinsk-YAroslavl) and a gas pipeline to Pechora. The Pechora River is the local throughway.
In the period of 1987- 1991 different experts realized seismic works - 2D for 1590 running kilometers, discovered and prepared for a deep drilling such anticline reef objects in triassic-  devonian deposits at a depth of 1500- 5500 meters as Lekyuskaya, Yuzhno- Zverinetskaya, Zverinetskata, Srednezverinetskaya and Verkhnelodminskaya.
 LLC "GLOBAL ENERGY"has completely worked out the whole seismic material and obtained cumulative structural maps for the whole area.
Detailed seismic investigations were realized in Yuzhno- Zverinenskiy license area for its preparation for a deep drilling. The territory to the East of Yuzhno- Zverininsk structure was worked out only with a reconnaissance seismic   exploration, and the distance between the latitude points is around 6km taking into account a very widely spaced net of sub-meridional points. The average density of such points in the whole area ofYuzhno- Zverinetskiy license area is around 0,43 running km /k2.
As a result of these works, the structures got prepared for a deep drilling in IIIfm1 (D3fm1), IIIa (D3f-fm) reflectors.
A peculiarity of the upper- devonian part of the cut in the both structures is a presence of reef formations of late france age (sirachoyskaya and ukhtinskaya suits), that was determined because of wave field anomalies in seismic cuts (pictures 2,3), and afterwards it was confirmed while drilling of wells 1-Yuzhno- Zverinetskaya, 1-Lekyuskaya. Reef constructions of single type, border the Laisko- Lodminskiy swell paleo- raise system, forming, apparently, naturally placed zones, that need additional studies in view of the obtained carbohydrates inflow.
Lekyuskaya and Yuzhno- Zverinetskaya structures are observed in the form of anticlines with described reflector parameters IIIf1(D3f1), III-IY?(D-S)?, which puts the deposits of middle- devonian- early france complexes into a rank of promising ones. Upper deposits in the low Permian carbonate roof in comparison with Iar (P1ar) reflector, are of interest.
Within the limits of Yuzhno- Zverinetskiy license area two wells were drilled, and in its testing while drilling in 4 levels the next oil shows were determined:
In Lekyuskaya structure- well 1- with a depth of 4400m, while drilling test, layer investigation determined oil inflows in famensk deposits(with an interval of 4047- 4102 m- within 118mins- were received 2,4  m3  of a discarbonated mud).
In Yuzhno- Zverinsk well1, with a depth of 4550, in famensk deposits testing while layer investigation, with an interval of 4149- 4197,2m within 175mins were obtained 5,1 m3 of  slightly discarbonated oil; while testing of an interval of 4344- 4383m within 60mins were obtained 4,7 3 of light, strongly discarbonated oil mixed with a drilling fluid filtrate.
During a winter season of  the years 2004-2005 in the Yuzhno- Zverinsk area upper devonian deposits in the depths of 4300- 4400m were tested and Yuzhno- Zverinetskoe& Lekyuskoe oil discoveries with a very light, low-sulphur, low-waxy oil with a density of  0,8086 gr/sm3 were determined.
In Yuzhno- Zverinetsk area licensing oil resources were evaluated as 6568/ 2432 thousands of tones of oil (47289,6 / 17510,4 thousands of barrels ) (geologic/ dericvable). In seismic material re- interpretation raises configuration and sized got a bit changed, and this fact gives an increase of resources for 40- 50%.
As a result of re- interpretation of GIS well-logging record in the Yuzhno- Zverinsk raise, 8 more intervals were recommended to be investigated as promising ones (one of them- with a high gas- indication). 19 intervals with unclear collector properties and 21 interval with an unclear satiation condition were marked out for future studies.
As a result of the re- interpretation of GIS well-logging records in Lekyunsk raise 22 objects were marked out while drilling works with 9 more intervals for a condition specification and 4 intervals- for collector properties specification.
GIS well-logging records re- interpretation lets figure on over 10 oil deposits opening within the boards of Everinetsk license areas, including prolific reefs with a stock of up to 40- 50 million tones (285- 350 million barrels) of hydrocarbon raw material.
Effective masses, that were determined in wells  1 Yuzhno- Zverinetskaya and  1 Lekyuskaya dont show the real potential of the deposits in the listed intervals. General stock might have to do with bioherm formation in carbonate outside setting, where improved collector priority zones might be found.
LLC "Global Energy" shows a big interest to  Nenets& the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area oil discoveries acquisition with a sum oil stock of over 5 billion barrels. To buy and process these discoveries  Company will have to spend at least $200 million (for purchasing) and up to $5 billion (for processing).
LLL "GLOBAL ENERGY" to invest over $3 billion and reach up to 70 thousands barrels of  annual level of crude oil production.


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