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            LLC "GLOBAL ENERGY"offers to potential investors variants of interaction which allow the investment companies to receive the additional income.
Consider this offer, if
-You wish to earn in actively developing and highly remunerative market of the real estate
-You wish to become one of the share proprietors who are having the right of a share in property
-You are ready to invest for the term of more than two years

             According to the concept of development LLC GLOBAL ENERGY took a  decision on realization of the investment project in Sochi.
The company has in long-term rent (49 years), on the basis of legislatively coordinated investment project, the ground area of a total area is 3,2 hectares in area Lazarevskoe in Sochi (settlement Dagomys). A category of the grounds is settlement. In this connection, together with the partner of holding we are interested to change the operating investment project - construction of an aquapark, for building construction or hotels.


          We offer you cooperation with the following provisions:


          The investment company gets 50 % of the given project, and as the partner invests money resources in construction:
     - 100-150 thousand sq.m of apartment houses of an elite class;
     - A hotel complex for tourists.
By your inquiry, we are ready to give all necessary information.




-The site is in immediate proximity from the sea - 100 m up to coast of Black sea;
-The site is on a slope from which wonderful kinds on surprising landscapes on beauty of the Black Sea coast open;
-A number the developed infrastructure: the well-known boarding houses, rest houses, elite cottage settlement; access roads;
-Presence of communications;
-Paid, according to Contract, a share of city;
-Small distance both up to the Sochi, and up to Lazzrevskoe;
-Still more many other advantages of data of the project.

             In connection with an opportunity of carrying out of Olympic Games in a of Sochi, the federal target program about investment in this region of the order of 327 billion roubles is accepted. These expenses will be connected with development of an infrastructure of region. This program guarantees, that if the International Olympic committee will make a decision in favour of Sochi everything stipulated in the program, will be executed. Sochi becomes a resort of a world level that will entail the big stream of tourists. Therefore investments in realization of the project on construction of an aquapark, elite apartment houses or a hotel complex will pay back during the short period of time.





Business unit name


Business unit address

Legal address: Office 409, 25 Pervomaiskaya Street, Syktyvkar City, Komi Republic, ZIP 167000

Postal address: 17 Nikolskaya Street, Biulding 1, Moscow, 109012, Russia

Field of activity



(495) 933-75-02, 03


(495) 933-75-02, 03

E-mail address

Chairman of Board of Directors

Elmar Akhmedov

Short project description

Development of areas Zverinetskye 1,2 and Southern Zverinetsky on the territory of Ussinsky District of Komi Republic within the limit of Pechora Lowland, production of oil and its following sales both on domestic and external markets

Short description of areas

Located on the territory of Ussinsky District of Komi Republic within the limit of Pechora Lowland.

Zverinetsky-1 parcel area is 1,095.2 km2, Zverinetsky-2 parcel area is 1,149.07 km2, and Southern Zverinetsky parcel area is 739.18 km2. Total area of all parcels is 2,984 km2.

Purpose of the project

Production of oil and its following sales both on domestic and external markets and receipt of sales proceeds

Recoverable oil reserves (million ton)

20 million ton

Average project level of oil production/year

528 thousand ton/year to 1.5 million ton/year

Cost of the project

1,210 million US dollars

Expected proceeds from oil sales

2,075 million US dollars (sales of oil according to oil price formation on World and Domestic markets).

Expected profit from project implementation

865 million US dollars

Net profit from project implementation

657 million US dollars

Total amount of attracted investments

150 million US dollars

Possible instrument of investors cooperation


Financial provision

Commercial proceeds from oil sales

Investment repayment

Once-only payment after completion of investment attraction term, or every year from the period of profit earning.

Duration of external investments phase from the beginning of project implementation

10 years

Depth of oil occurrence

2,100-4,700 meters

Distance to main pipe line

140 km

Main scope of works under project

-          Carrying out detailed seismic works CDP-2D, 3D,

-          Drilling of exploration wells (5.0 million dollars/1 well),

-          Drilling of production wells  (3.5 million dollars/1 well),

-          Drilling of injection wells  (3.0 million dollars/1 well),

-          Acquiring of equipment for wells,

-          Production development of fields (intrafield pipeline construction, construction of dirt roads, power lines),

-          Supply of raw materials and goods necessary for production process + remuneration of labor for personnel. 

Costs of taxes and duties

According to law of Russian Federation

Sales strategy

In accordance with price formation on World and Domestic markets.

Applicable law

In accordance with Federal Law of Russian federation 160-FZ dated 9 July 199 Concerning Foreign Investments in RF

Business accounting

On the base of Business Accounting and Accountability rules acting in Russian Federation


Both External and Domestic

Other products

petroleum equipment and machinery



Crude oil and petroleum products

Russia, 109012, Moscow, ul. Nikolskaya, 17 b.1
Phone: +7 (985) 134-8090     E-mail: